Harvesting the High Tunnel

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Tunnel Construction



The Big Chili variety of anaheims are doing well in the tunnel.

This is an example of the chilis that we market. We try not to pick anything less than about 8 inches long.

The Goliath jalapenos are also doing nicely.

An example of the jalapenos that are marketed.

This sweet peper is a Big Bertha and weighed nearly three quarters of a pound.

This is the first market in Morrill. It offered the customers artisan breads and all natural meats in addition to all the seasonal vegetables

Okra seems to really thrive in this environment. We try to pick them every other day. Even so, we get a few that are overgrown.

The results of our first okra picking.

A picking of green beans. They weren't grown in the tunnel. Just had to show off.

An okra blossom. Now that's just food for the soul!

The fruits of our labor.

Weaving tomato plants. Some are nearly 6 feet tall.

Our hot pepper display.

Torrington's farmers market.


Hail v. High Tunnel